Thai Visa waiting period

Thai Visa
Thai Visa

There has always been the issue with the waiting periods for a Thai visa when applying for one. This is a break down of what to expect when making application for a number of Thai visas both tourist and those long term non-immigrant visas for Thailand. Need help – speak to a lawyer in Samui...

If you are applying for a Thai visa such as a Thai Tourist visa then you would normally wait only overnight for your tourist visa. Currently in Cambodia you need to wait 2 working days for your Thai Visa to be issued. These change all the time so keep abreast about what to expect. Your application for a marriage visa or a tourist visa normally is also an overnight process however some Thai Embassies in Asia make you wait up to 3 working days in order to issue the visa for you.

Once you have apply for your visa and you need to have this visa extended in Thailand to a 1 year Thai visa the timeline differs. For a marriage visa the current timeline for changing it into a 1 year marriage visa is 5 weeks. The retirement visa being extended in Thailand to a 1 year visa currently takes 4 weeks to have the visa extended.

Obtain the services of a lawyer in Samui or anywhere in Thailand to do all the legwork for you as it can be very time consuming dealing with loads of read tape in Thailand. Speak to us today!


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