Getting Married in Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand
Getting Married in Thailand

If you are planning on getting married in Thailand then you need to know that it normally is a 2-3 day process depending on where in Thailand you are located. Everything has to go through Bangkok as a foreigner as you need to take documents to Foreign Affairs and your Embassy in Bangkok.

If you are getting married to a Thai or are already married and now need to register your marriage in Thailand it all starts at your Embassy in Bangkok. If you are going to the Embassy in Bangkok you need to have a copy of your wife death certificate if you are a widow or a copy of your divorce decree if you are divorced. You then need to fill in a form at the Embassy and then collect it the following day. This will state that you are single. Once you have this letter of affirmation the next day you need to take the letter to the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs out in Rangsit to have it verified.

Here they will check the letter from the Embassy and place a stamp onto it at the back to state that it is real and not a fake. This normally take 4-5 hours so go early or it will take another day to get this stage done. Once you have this you need to go to the District Office in your area or anywhere and register your wedding. This process take about 1 hour before you get your marriage certificate. You need ot take all the documents with your again and hand it in over the counter.

This process normally takes 2-3 days and most people simply hand over the documents to a lawyer in Samui or a lawyer in Pattaya, or ewhereever you are located in Thailand so that they dont need to go all the way to Bangkok to have it done. With offices in all the main cities of Thailand we at Law Firm in Thailand are best able to register your marriage in Thailand while you get on with your honeymoon! Speak to us also about obtaining a Thai Marriage Visa when we have completed the process for you so so can stay on in Thailand with your Thai wife.

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