Dispute Resolution in Thailand

Disputes are an inevitable part of human interaction, and their resolution is crucial for maintaining social harmony and ensuring justice. In Thailand, as in many other jurisdictions, there are established legal frameworks and mechanisms for dispute resolution. This article explores the landscape of dispute resolution in Thailand, encompassing both judicial and alternative methods, the role […]

Trade Disputes in Thailand

Trade disputes are an inherent aspect of the global economic landscape, arising from disagreements and conflicts between parties engaged in international trade. Thailand, as a significant player in the global marketplace, faces its share of trade-related conflicts. This article explores the legal framework governing trade disputes in Thailand, common causes, resolution mechanisms, and the international […]

Labor Disputes in Thailand

Labor disputes can arise in any workplace, and Thailand, like many other countries, has a legal framework in place to address and resolve such conflicts. This article delves into the landscape of labor disputes in Thailand, exploring the legal foundations, common causes, resolution mechanisms, and the implications for both employers and employees. Legal Framework for […]

Civil and Criminal Cases in Thailand

Thailand’s legal system, like many others, encompasses both civil and criminal laws to regulate conduct, administer justice, and protect the rights of individuals. This article provides an overview of civil and criminal cases in Thailand, exploring the distinctions between the two, the legal processes involved, and the implications for those involved in legal proceedings. Civil […]

Child Legitimation in Thailand

Child legitimation is an important legal process in Thailand that establishes the legal relationship between a child born out of wedlock and their biological father. This legal recognition grants the child certain rights and benefits, including inheritance and the right to use the father’s surname. In this article, we will explore child legitimation in Thailand, […]

Child Support in Thailand

Child support is a vital aspect of ensuring the well-being and financial stability of children in Thailand, as it is in many other countries. In Thailand, the legal framework for child support is well-defined and aims to provide for the financial needs of children when their parents are separated or divorced. In this article, we […]

Child Custody in Thailand

Child custody disputes can be emotionally charged and legally complex. In Thailand, as in many other countries, child custody matters are governed by specific laws and guidelines. This article explores child custody in Thailand, covering the legal framework, types of custody arrangements, and important considerations for parents and guardians involved in custody disputes. Legal Framework […]

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process that millions of individuals go through worldwide. In Thailand, divorce involves a set of legal procedures governed by the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. This comprehensive guide aims to provide insight into the significance, laws, grounds, steps, and key considerations involved in divorce within the Kingdom of […]